Gayle Blood

Content and Feature Writer, Blogger and Creative Individual;
Project Editor and Proofreader; IP and Media Law Graduate;
Book Junkie, Lover of Art and all things Literary.

About me

First-class graduate with solid writing, digital marketing and editorial skills. I am highly organised, pay excellent attention to detail and can manage projects on my own initiative. I enjoy all sorts of writing, and read an array of fiction and non-fiction. 

My passion for creativity started young. I began by writing poetry and short stories in primary school, and this love of writing continued throughout my education. I joined a team of young writers whilst studying English A-level to produce journalistic articles for 'Reality Magazine' published in the Jersey Evening Post.

Since then I have continued to write, producing features for my blog and an anthology of poetry and fiction. I have also produced various types of copy during employment and freelance, including complex policy documents, advertisements for print, and digital marketing content for business promotion and to increase brand awareness. I have written a number of first-class academic essays during my graduate and post-graduate courses. I am also well versed in drafting legal documentation. I have produced content for websites and magazines. I further developed my copy-editing and proofreading skills professionally by project editing a hard copy legal handbook, and then restructuring and formatting legal content for an online government platform.

I have undertaken many qualifications to gain knowledge in this field, including a Business Law Course at BPP Law School specialising in Media Law, Commercial Law and Intellectual Property. I have also completed a Book-Editing course, a Proofreading and Editorial Skills course, and a Digital Marketing Certificate. I've gained a wide range of experience and adaptable skills, and have recently undertaken another round of proofreading and editorial courses to keep my skills up to date. Whilst studying in London I joined various writing groups and a book club.

Most recently, I have worked as a Administration Assistant doing website management, social media and brand building for a local company. Prior to that I was a Digital Marketing and Comms Manager for a local tennis club, and did marketing and media work for a charity in my spare time. I am articulate, proactive and can work autonomously.