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Tattooing: Art or eyesore?

Published on 7th February 1998

Tattooing is the most ancient form of art known to man and has been practiced since as far back as we can remember. It was used mainly by war tribes, and each had a different mark to represent certain symbols.

In today’s society, tattooing is still used in this way. It gives each person a visual identity and provides individuality among us. It has become one of the most accomplished forms of art ever created. There are more designs than ever to choose from.

However, many people are against tattooing. They believe it to be an eyesore, and what’s worse is it’s a permanent one. Things can go wrong with tattoos, and there are many problems involved in it. Firstly, what to have and where; a design must be chosen very carefully as once it’s done, it’s there for life; and there are so many body parts to choose from. Where you have it will depend on whether you want it to be subtle or not, how big it will be and how much pain tolerance you have! Yes, surprise, surprise it does actually hurt, how much depends on your capacity for pain, and the tattoo scabs up once it has been done, so you can’t touch it or pick at it because, not only will it hurt but, if you do pick the tattoo may blotch or smudge leaving a permanent scar, and the tattoo will be ruined. 

Also, what you have depends on your budget as tattooing is, unfortunately, no longer free. How much you spend depends on how big and complex the design is. Of course, you have also got to make sure your tattooist is qualified and capable of producing the design you want. Otherwise, you could be charged for what looks like a complete mess and you’re the one that has to live with it. There is a way to remove unwanted tattoos but it is very painful and even more costly, and you will never truly be rid of it as it leaves a nice scar. So, if you want a tattoo make sure you have no doubts whatsoever.

Having a tattoo is great if you really want it and gives you a taste of individuality but make sure you think it over first. Tattoos give others a clue as to what your personality is like, depending on the type, place and design it is. For example, if you have a dolphin design we can make a fairly good assumption you like dolphins! However, many people who dislike tattoos categorise people who do. Those of us who like tattoos and the like are stereotyped as ‘meaner’, ‘harder’ people such as a thug or degenerate. This stereotype is not quite correct. OK, so it is more likely that ‘metalers’ and so-called ‘hard’ people will be more likely to want or have a tattoo but this is not necessarily the case. Many people like them and have them regardless of their social background, in fact, many of you reading this probably have or intend to get one somewhere soon.

Tattooing is a really individual thing to do, but if you intend to get one make sure you consider all the options before you go under the needle. Tattoos are a commitment and once it’s done it’s there for life. Whether you believe tattooing to be an art or an eyesore is up to you as an individual, but if you are intending to get one remember: if in doubt go without; but if all considerations done, go get one!