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A day in the life of Mum

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Do we leave or shall we stay?

Sell up and go?  Or hold on and pray?

So I ask him “what shall we do?”

And he replies “I dun no, it’s up to you!”

And so we go round and round in circles,

And still I sit here playing mah-jong turtle.

I want to be somewhere in the sun,

Travelling around and having fun.

But instead I’m here in the damp and cold,

Getting fat and feeling old.

Why retire after-all

Just to stare at the wall!

Same shit, different day,

And feeling ever more dismay,

Stuck watching him play on the laptop,

Whilst he tap-tap-taps at his betting shop!

I want to be off to a better place,

Enjoying myself with the sun on my face!

But when and how, I don’t know,

And should we stay or should we go?

Am I selling my golden goose?

Or putting my head in the hangman’s noose?

Jump this way, or jump that,

Go on our travels, or get a cat?

Worry about everyone else,

Or stuff them all and think of myself?

Oh I don’t know, let’s wait and see...

In the meantime how ‘bout a nice cuppa-tea?!