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Ko Samui in Thailand

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Ko Samui in Thailand,

My paradise of golden sand

How I’d love to spend my life

Relaxing here, no worries or strife

I first came with the lads,

And what a crazy time we had

Drinking, clubbing and much more

Going to lady-shows, dancing with whores

I fell in love with the place

Its slow and gentle lazy pace

Long days of nothing in the sun

And endless nights partying with everyone

So I returned to live my dream

In the most beautiful place I’ve ever been

Made loads of friends and all the girls love me

Cause I’m so good looking, naturally!

Trained in kick-boxing and fought in the ring

Even won a fight by knock-out, ding ding!

If I could I’d stay always

And happily live out the rest of my days

Laying in the sun all day

Then going out at night to play

On this my most favourite island

In laidback happy beautiful Thailand

The only place that makes me go gooey

My one and only Ko Samui!